Not Just For Kids

Kids learn by watching and imitating the people around them. In a preschool setting, they constantly copy what their peers are doing (for better or for worse!). But most of all, they are watching the adults around them for guidance as to what they are supposed to do. Lately I have noticed how the adult presence in … More Not Just For Kids

Going on an Adventure

Dramatic play is one of my favorite interventions to use in music therapy. As January is outer space month at YCCA, there are ample opportunities for blasting off into space, talking to aliens, and counting shooting stars. This is the perfect month to take advantage of young children’s imaginative capabilities. Plus making up stories and … More Going on an Adventure

Just Make It Up!

You want me to improvise? Are you crazy? What do you mean I have to just make up notes? What if I sing the wrong one? I remember at my interview at Drexel, the music therapy director asked me if I had ever improvised, and I shook my head, cringing a little in embarrassment at my … More Just Make It Up!

Using Nice Words

For two year olds, “Please” and “Thank you” are hard to remember but we insist that the kids use the words constantly throughout the day. I knew that one of my first songs I needed to write for my work at YCCA would be a “please and thank you” song. One Sunday evening, I sat … More Using Nice Words