I will be the first to admit that I obsessively love the Olympics and watch as many events as I can within the two week coverage. This year I wanted to take a quick break from our “Summer of Love” theme, and I took advantage of the summer Olympics to lead an entire session based … More Olympics!


The Therapeutic Relationship: Building and Ending

I’ve written before about the importance of the therapeutic relationship, and for me, I would say that building relationships is one of my strengths, not to mention one of my favorite aspects of being a music therapist. As music therapists, we build relationships mainly through our music making but there are also so many other elements that … More The Therapeutic Relationship: Building and Ending


Superheroes to the rescue! As May is Imagination Month here at YCCA, I made a goal to write a new song since it had been awhile since I’d come up with an original composition. Since superheroes are always popular nowadays, why not write a song about all the special powers of superheroes? Dramatic play is an … More Superheroes!

I ♥ Conference

I love going to music therapy conferences. It’s basically a wonderful excuse to build community. When else do you get to get together with hundreds of other music therapists and geek out on music therapy stuff? I had the privilege of attending the Mid-Atlantic Region of the American Music Therapy Association’s annual conference earlier this … More I ♥ Conference

Not Just For Kids

Kids learn by watching and imitating the people around them. In a preschool setting, they constantly copy what their peers are doing (for better or for worse!). But most of all, they are watching the adults around them for guidance as to what they are supposed to do. Lately I have noticed how the adult presence in … More Not Just For Kids

Going on an Adventure

Dramatic play is one of my favorite interventions to use in music therapy. As January is outer space month at YCCA, there are ample opportunities for blasting off into space, talking to aliens, and counting shooting stars. This is the perfect month to take advantage of young children’s imaginative capabilities. Plus making up stories and … More Going on an Adventure