Just Make It Up!

You want me to improvise? Are you crazy? What do you mean I have to just make up notes? What if I sing the wrong one? I remember at my interview at Drexel, the music therapy director asked me if I had ever improvised, and I shook my head, cringing a little in embarrassment at my … More Just Make It Up!

Using Nice Words

For two year olds, “Please” and “Thank you” are hard to remember but we insist that the kids use the words constantly throughout the day. I knew that one of my first songs I needed to write for my work at YCCA would be a “please and thank you” song. One Sunday evening, I sat … More Using Nice Words

Let’s start at the very beginning….

…. A very good place to start. At the age of 32, I finally have started the career that I was meant to have, being a music therapist. After years of piecing together work as an aspiring opera singer/voice teacher/choir director/doggie day care attendant/administrative assistant/musical theater camp counselor, at 30 years old, I went back … More Let’s start at the very beginning….