Mommy-ing and Music-Making at Home

This is such a strange time to be a music therapist. This is such a strange time to be a mom. This is such a strange time to be a human.

The last time I made music face-to-face with my students was on March 16, the day before my workplace had to close it’s doors due the COVID-19 pandemic. It is now May 10. Almost two months quarantined at home, not able to sing or make music in person. Instead I am at home with my husband and my three year old, juggling transitioning to online music making, Zoom meetings, ever-changing work needs, and ever demanding family needs. This is a world I never imagined, a situation I never even fathomed would be a possibility. But here we are.

I love my job. And I love my family. But I also love that my job and family are often separate so that each serves as a reminder of why I love the other so much. Now these two worlds are being mashed together in sometimes uncomfortable and sometimes wonderful ways. Throughout this crisis, I have so much to be grateful for – a job that still exists, a way to make music in some way even if it’s virtual, a steady paycheck, an amazing husband, a spirited three year old who is thrilled to have Mommy and Daddy home all day, and another baby on the way. But it doesn’t mean every day is perfect or joyful or peaceful. Every day is unpredictable to say the least. Being able to take each day, each hour, one at a time has been a skill that I have had to attempt to master without much choice. 

Luckily I know that I am not alone in these struggles and that everyone is struggling in different ways right now. Since today is Mother’s Day, I wanted to share a song I wrote this week in honor of all the moms out there struggling as well. The first week in May is often Superhero Week at our school, and I always jump at the chance to dress up in silly costumes with the kids and imagine what our super powers could be. So it seemed natural to write a new song this week combining superheroes and moms – because let’s be honest, every mom has super powers. 

Happy Mother’s Day everyone. I hope you are able to celebrate all the moms in your life, remember your mom if she is no longer here, send love to your mom who can’t be with you during this time, and most importantly take a moment to breathe and remind yourself that you are doing an impossible job right now in an impossible situation, one that was unexpected and unprecedented. You are a superhero.


MY MOM’S A SUPERHERO by Katy Hutchings

My mom’s a superhero

Just you wait and see

My mom’s a superhero

And she loves me.

She scares away the monsters hiding in my room

She keeps me safe in scary storms when the thunder goes Boom!

She’s smart and brave, fast and strong. She even reads my mind!

She knows the answers to everything and teaches me how to be kind



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